Documentation forAppOptics


To check if there are updates for the appoptics_apm gem:

  1. Display installed version: gem list appoptics_apm.
  2. Check for the latest version: gem search appoptics_apm --remote.
  3. Upgrade: bundle update appoptics_apm or gem update appoptics_apm.

Check appoptics_apm on RubyGems for the newest version.

See Release Notes for changes.

Upgrading from TraceView

There are three major changes:

  1. The gem is now called appoptics_apm, please make changes accordingly.
  2. The Service Key (API Token) is now configured as an environment variable APPOPTICS_SERVICE_KEY, and not read from a config file anymore.
  3. The class name for the API methods has changed from TraceView::API to AppOpticsAPM::SDK. The SDK methods have been reduced to the methods documented here. Use of log_* methods is discouraged because they can lead to broken traces, but they are still available as AppOpticsAPM::API.log_* methods.