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Container aliases and the @container tag

The @container tag is a special tag available in AppOptics that makes it easy to find and filter your containers in the Infrastructure view using whatever identifying attributes works best for you.

Containers can have a large number of identifying attributes–name, IDs, image–. AppOptics provides @container to search across all of them:


This document describes how you can use @container to seamlessly work across all of the labels commonly associated with containers.

How can I set container names?

There are a lot of ways to identify containers, and they're all available as tags we've been able to associate with those containers. This can lead to a number of tags, like container_name, container_id, container_image, and more.

If present, each of the following are fed into @container in AppOptics:

  • Name tag on the container (tag: container_name)
  • Name of the image the container was created from (tag: container_image)
  • Container ID (tag: container_id)

How are container names displayed?

When you're looking for a container or filtering, use @container and it will automatically match on any identifying tag for the underlying container. When it’s time to display an @container value, we pick the "best" one according to our order of precedence (see above). Of course, the underlying tags are still there, so if you specifically want container_id and only that, you can still use it.

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