Documentation forAppOptics


AppOptics automatically tracks calls to caches like Redis, Memcached, and Ehcache made by the instrumented application. Caches provides you with the tools to analyze and troubleshoot frequent or poorly-performing cache calls.


How cache requests are classified

Three tags are gathered for cache calls, each of which can be used to group/filter the data:

  • Cache identifier - cache
    • The type of cache being queried (for example: memcached)
  • Cache operation - cache_op
    • The type of operation being performed. (for example: get, hset, …)
  • Cache host - cache_host
    • Where available, this identifies the remote hostname or IP of the cache being used.

Drilling down

The data can be filtered using the controls at the top of the page, and you can also drill down to traces of requests that made a particular cache request by selecting Traced Cache Calls in the drop down to the right:


The data in this view is gathered from sampled transaction traces, so it can all be mapped to example traces. Read more about sampling.