Documentation forAppOptics

Runtime Metrics

Java runtime metrics are gathered from JMX MBeans and reported by the agent on interval. Reporting is enabled by default for the metrics described below. To disable reporting or enable additional JMX metrics please refer to Java JMX configuration.

Metric Description
trace.jvm.GarbageCollector.* JVM Garbage collection cumulative values, plotted as derivatives in the JMX dashboard
trace.jvm.Memory.* Heap and non-heap memory details
trace.jvm.MemoryPool.* Memory pool details. A memory pool represents the memory resource managed by the JVM, for example Metaspace(PermGen)
trace.jvm.OperatingSystem.* Operating system details such as process CPU load
trace.jvm.Runtime.* Java process uptime
trace.jvm.Threading.* Thread details such as thread count