Documentation forKiwi Syslog Server

Add an action to log messages to Papertrail

You can add an action to log messages to Papertrail, a SolarWinds cloud-based logging service. You can send logs from Kiwi Syslog Server, or other servers or applications that can connect to the Internet. Then monitor, search, react to, and archive your messages on Papertrail.

  1. From the Kiwi Syslog NG navigation bar, choose Setup > Rules.
  2. Locate an existing rule. If the rule does not exist, add a rule and start the New Rule wizard.
  3. If you are adding an action to an existing rule, select the rule and click Edit. If you are creating a new rule, navigate to the Actions step of the New Rule wizard.
  4. Click Add Action. Define the action name in the provided field.
  5. In the Action drop down, select Log to

  6. Choose one of the following options:

    Papertrail destination token

    Enter the destination token provided by Papertrail during your log destination configuration. See Log destinations in Papertrail for details.

    Papertrail Destination Hostname and Port

    Enter the location where logs are sent from a syslog server. The destination host is provided by Papertrail. For example:

    Papertrail provides specific port number while creating a login with Papertrail. Use the same port number to send the syslog messages. For example:


  7. For help in Papertrail, click here.

  8. If you are adding an action to an existing rule, click Apply. If you are creating an action in the New Rule wizard, click Add.