Documentation forKiwi Syslog Server


You can find discussion topics and solutions to common issues in Event Log Forwarder on the Success Center or on THWACK.

Event Log Forwarder is a free tool and is not supported by SolarWinds technical support.

Windows Firewall

When the Windows Firewall is enabled, the firewall may block programs or program functionality from executing on your system.

To prevent blocking of the Event Log Forwarder, the product installer automatically adds an exception for the program to prevent the Windows Firewall from blocking Event Log Forwarder functions.

  • If log messages are not forwarding to your designated syslog server, check your Windows Firewall settings to ensure that a program exception exists.
  • The Windows Firewall exception is automatically removed when Event Log Forwarder is uninstalled using the program's uninstaller. Re-installation of Event Log Forwarder requires adding the exception back into your system's Window Firewall.