Documentation forKiwi Syslog Server

Add an action to send a pager or SMS message via NotePager Pro

This documentation is for legacy Kiwi Syslog Server versions 9.8.3 and older.

This feature is available only in the licensed edition of Kiwi Syslog Server.

You can add an action to send a pager, SMS, or email message via the NotePagerPro application. Before you create this action, you must first purchase and install NotePager Pro, a paging and SMS gateway application. See the NotePage website to see features and download the application.

When a message is passed to NotePager Pro, it places the messages in the sending queue. NotePager Pro checks the queue periodically and then sends messages via the method you have specified. This could be via SNPP, e-mail, modem, TAPI, or what ever paging interface you have configured.

  1. From the Kiwi Syslog Service Manager, choose File > Setup.
  2. Add a rule, or locate an existing rule.
  3. Right-click Actions below the rule, and choose Add Action.
  4. Replace the default name with a descriptive name.
  5. From the Action menu, select Send message via NotePager Pro.

  6. Specify the following options.

    Send page to

    Select a recipient from the drop down list. The list is automatically populated from the NotePager Pro Recipients and Groups database. If no names are available in the drop down list, then NotePager Pro has not been installed correctly.

    You can choose either a single recipient or a group of recipients to send to. For example:

    Send to: Joe


    Send To: All-Network-Staff

    Message from

    Enter a descriptive name. If the recipient is configured in NotePager Pro to receive the message via e-mail, the From name you specify is prepended to the default domain you have configured. For example, if NotePager Pro is configured with the default domain of "", when you send a message from "Syslog", it appears as if the message came from "".

    Message Specify the message text. Click Insert message content or counter to include variables.
    Max message length

    Select this option to limit the amount of data sent in the message. If you have used the variable %MsgText in the message body and a large syslog message arrives, it may be too large to send via pager. Use this option to limit the message body length.

    If your pager is capable of receiving only numeric messages, you must specify a number in the message field instead of %MsgText. You must determine a series of codes that mean something to you. For example, 1=link up, 2=link down, 9=Router unreachable etc.

  7. Test the action.
  8. Click Apply.