Documentation forKiwi Syslog Server


This documentation is for legacy Kiwi Syslog Server versions 9.8.3 and older.

Use this Kiwi Syslog Server registry setting to change the separation character used in dates.

Section (32-bit Windows OS) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SolarWinds\Syslogd\Properties
Section (64-bit Windows OS) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\WOW6432Node\SolarWinds\Syslogd\Properties
Value (STRING) LogFileDateSeparator
Default value - (dash)
Type Character, or string of characters

Normally the current date is represented in the YYYY-MM-DD format using a dash (-) as the separation character. You can change the separation character to any character you like. For example, some countries use a forward slash (/) as a date separator.

Be aware that changing the date separator may make the log files unreadable by some log file parsers and reporters. Reporting software may be looking for the dash (-) characters and may get confused when they are not present.

This setting applies only to the following formats:

  • Kiwi format ISO yyyy-mm-dd (Tab delimited)
  • Kiwi format ISO UTC yyyy-mm-dd (Tab delimited)

A normal Kiwi ISO log file format message is formatted like this:

2004-05-27 10:58:22 Kernel.Warning kernel: This is a test message

If you change the separator character to forward slash (/), the message would become:

2004/05/27 10:58:22 Kernel.Warning kernel: This is a test message

You can also change the time separator character.