Documentation forKiwi Syslog Server

Add an action to forward an SNMP trap

You can add an action to send an SNMP trap to the specified host.

  1. From the Kiwi Syslog NG navigation bar, choose Setup > Rules.
  2. Locate an existing rule. If the rule does not exist, add a rule and start the New Rule wizard.
  3. If you are adding an action to an existing rule, select the rule and click Edit. If you are creating a new rule, navigate to the Actions step of the New Rule wizard.
  4. Click Add Action. Define the action name in the provided field.
  5. In the Action drop down, select Forward SNMP trap.

  6. Specify the following options.

    Destination host

    Enter the IP address of the system receiving the SNMP trap.


    Select IPv6 next to the Destination host field to send SNMP and IPv6 trap messages to an IPv6 destination host address.

    Remote port

    Enter the port to which the SNMP trap is sent. The default port is 162.

    If you change this setting, you must configure the receiving device to "listen" for SNMP traps on the same port number.

    Retain the original source address of the SNMP trap

    Select this option to identify outgoing messages coming from a particular (original) host. The network packet is spoofed to appear as though the forwarded message is coming directly from the originating devices' IP address instead of the address of the Syslog Server.

    This feature requires NpCap installation (with NpCap Loopback Adapter). Unless you choose to use a specific adapter, SolarWinds recommends using an automatic network adapter.
  7. If you are adding an action to an existing rule, click Apply. If you are creating an action in the New Rule wizard, click Add.