Documentation forHybrid Cloud Observability Advancedand NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

Set up a NetFlow collection

If you see a network device in your NetFlow Sources and you do not intend to collect NetFlow data from it, you can eliminate unnecessary traffic by turning off the export of data at the device.

  1. Configure your network devices to export NetFlow data for each interface for which you want to collect the data. For more information, see Device Configuration Examples.

    For information on enabling NetFlow for Cisco Catalyst switches, see Enabling NetFlow and NetFlow Data Export (NDE) on Cisco Catalyst Switches.

    For information on enabling NetFlow on Cisco ASA devices, see the SolarWinds KB Understanding Cisco ASA NetFlow.

    If your network device is of a different vendor, see the documentation of the vendor.

  2. Verify that each interface for which you want to collect and view data is actively being monitored in NPM.

    For any interface that you need to add to NPM, see Network Discovery Using the Network Sonar wizard.

    Use a packet capture tool, such as WireShark, on the relevant interface and port to verify that the device is exporting data as expected.