Documentation forHybrid Cloud Observability Advancedand NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

View NTA data in the Orion Web Console

Once you have configured and enabled a NetFlow source, you can view the various types of NetFlow statistics that it records in the Orion Web Console. The statistics are provided as resources grouped to form individual views.

A view is a web page showing information about your network and the traffic going through individual nodes and interfaces. A view consists of resources. You can customize which resources you want to have on a view.

SolarWinds NTA provides two basic types of views:

Summary views

Display traffic details on all nodes and interfaces managed by SolarWinds NTA, such as top applications, conversations, and endpoints. You can access your summary views either in the My Dashboards > NetFlow views or by clicking an item in another view. For example, clicking on an application in the Top 5 Applications Summary view displays a summary view covering the use of the selected application in all nodes monitored in SolarWinds NTA.

Detail views

Display traffic information on individual objects in your network, such as interface details, node details, and application details. You can access your detail views by opening a summary view, and then clicking on the object whose details you want to see.

If you upgraded to SolarWinds NTA with the NTA Flow Storage database, you might experience performance issues when trying to display reports and graphs for your endpoints. NTA Flow Storage database stores more detailed data, and so viewing the same nodes over the same time period requires handling an increased amount of data, and may result in slower rendering or processing.