Documentation forNetFlow Traffic Analyzer
Analyzing network traffic and bandwidth is a key capability of Hybrid Cloud Observability Advanced and is also available in a standalone module, NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA). Hybrid Cloud Observability Advanced and NTA are built on the self-hosted SolarWinds Platform.

Customize a historical NetFlow report to include location

  1. Click Reports > All Reports.
  2. Click Manage Reports.
  3. In the Group By list, select Report Category, and then select Historical NetFlow Reports in the list below.
  4. Select a report, and click Duplicate & Edit.
  5. Under Content, click Edit Table.
  6. Click to add a new column.
  7. On the Add Column menu, in the Orion Object list, select Node.
  8. Under Database Column Name, select Location.
  9. Click Add Column.
  10. Click Submit.
  11. Complete the Edit Report wizard.
  12. On the Summary tab, click Submit.