Documentation forHybrid Cloud Observability Advancedand NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

Customize charts for the current session in SolarWinds NTA

All users who can view resources can also customize the charts for the duration of the current session, directly in the appropriate view or resource.

For the current session, you can customize:

  • Time and flow direction settings for all appropriate resources in a view
  • Zoom and displayed items in area charts

Once you leave the view with the resource, your current settings will be lost and replaced by settings for the resource.

Customize time and flow direction settings for the current session

You can customize the time and flow direction settings for all appropriate resources on a view.

However, resources with their individual time periods set in their Edit pages are not subject to this time period control.

For more information about customizing time settings, see Edit time settings for views in SolarWinds NTA.

For more information about customizing flow direction settings, see Edit flow direction in views for SolarWinds NTA.

Area charts: zoom and show selected items only

Area charts support the following session-related options:

  • Beneath area charts, you can see a slider tool. Move the slider to display an in-depth view of the selected part of the chart to get a detailed view of the traffic at a certain time point.
  • Select or clear the boxes in the table below an interactive area chart, to display only the items you want to see at the moment.

For more information on customizing Orion Platform views, see Add widgets to Orion Platform views, or classic dashboards.