Documentation forHybrid Cloud Observability Advancedand NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

SolarWinds NTA licensing

Licensing for SolarWinds NTA follows the license level of your SolarWinds NPM installation. For example, if you have an NPM license for SL250, your SolarWinds NTA license is also SL250. For more information on NPM licenses, see NPM licensing model.

When upgrading licenses, the license levels must match. For example, when you upgrade an NPM SL250 license to SL500, you must upgrade your SolarWinds NTA license to SL500.

The following types of SolarWinds NTA licenses are available:

License Number of monitored elements
SL100 Up to 100 nodes and 100 interfaces.
SL250 Up to 250 nodes and 250 interfaces.
SL500 Up to 500 nodes and 500 interfaces.
SL2000 Up to 2000 nodes and 2000 interfaces.
SLX Virtually unlimited number of elements. With the default polling interval, one polling engine can monitor a maximum of 12,000 elements. To monitor over 12,000 elements, use additional polling engines (APEs). Each APE requires a license.
  • Nodes: any devices being monitored, such as routers, switches, virtual and physical servers, access points, and modems.
  • Interfaces: any single points of network traffic, such as switch ports, physical interfaces, virtual interfaces, sub-interfaces, and VLANs.

For more information on checking your SolarWinds NTA licenses, see How to check licenses in the Orion Web Console.

For more information on licensing, see License Orion Platform products in the Orion Web Console.