Documentation forHybrid Cloud Observability Advancedand NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

NetFlow collector services

The Edit NetFlow Collector Services page provides status information about the NetFlow collectors that are running NetFlow Traffic Analyzer. The following information about the collectors and the ports on which they are listening for NetFlow data is provided in the table:

Status Icon

Displays collector status visually, where a green icon indicates that the collector can actively receive NetFlow data and a red icon indicates that the collector cannot actively receive NetFlow data.

Server Name

The network identification of the NetFlow collector.

Receiver Status

A verbal statement of the collector status.

Collection Port

This is the port on which the NetFlow collector is listening for NetFlow data. The collection port is set during the installation and configuration of NetFlow Traffic Analyzer. Designate additional collection ports by listing port numbers separated by commas.

Clicking Delete to the right of any listed collector ends traffic analysis on the selected collector.

For more information about configuring collector services, see NetFlow collector services.