Documentation forHybrid Cloud Observability Advancedand NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

Troubleshooting in SolarWinds NTA

In SolarWinds NTA, you can encounter various issues, such as NetFlow issues, chart issues, database connection issues, or CBQoS issues.

NetFlow issues

For troubleshooting NetFlow issues, you can consult the following SolarWinds NTA resources:

NetFlow collector services

This resource informs you whether the collector service is up or down. For more information, see NetFlow Collector Services.

Flow and CBQoS sources

This resource lists devices from which SolarWinds NTA is receiving flows, together with the time stamp of the latest received NetFlow or CBQoS data. You can drill down to individual interfaces to pinpoint the problem. For more information, see Flow and CBQoS Sources.

Last xx events

This resource provides details about everything that happens in SolarWinds NTA. For more information, see Last XX Traffic Analysis Events.

Chart issues

For more information about resolving chart issues, such as charts displaying duplicate traffic, see Chart issues in SolarWinds NTA.

CBQoS issues

For more information about troubleshooting CBQoS, see CBQoS issues in SolarWinds NTA.