Documentation forHybrid Cloud Observability Advancedand NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

Get started with SolarWinds NTA

If you need to know how and by whom your bandwidth is being used, SolarWinds NTA provides a simple answer. You can quickly trace and monitor the bandwidth usage of a particular application or type of traffic. For example, if you see excessive bandwidth use on a particular interface, you can use SolarWinds NTA to see that the company meeting, consisting of streaming video, is consuming 80% of the available bandwidth through a particular switch. Unlike many other NetFlow analysis products, the network and flow data presented in SolarWinds NTA are not purely extrapolated data, but they are based on real information collected about the network by SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, on which SolarWinds NTA depends.

Out of the box, SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer offers broad monitoring and charting capabilities, coupled with detail-driven statistics, including the following:

  • Distribution of bandwidth across traffic types
  • Usage patterns over time
  • External traffic identification and tracking
  • Tight integration with detailed interface performance statistics

These monitoring capabilities, along with the customizable Orion Web Console and reporting engines, make SolarWinds NTA the easiest choice you will make involving your flow monitoring needs.

SolarWinds NTA is optimized for understanding network usage, not auditing every packet. SolarWinds NTA provides an overall traffic summary and how users are using your bandwidth.

To learn more about the NTA views you can use to monitor traffic flows, see View NTA data in the Orion Web Console.

If you understand NetFlow and CBQoS, you can Set up flow monitoring to begin monitoring flows in NTA.