Documentation forHybrid Cloud Observability Advancedand NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

Charts in NTA

NTA charts display pie chart or area chart summaries of widget-related data, enabling a more detailed view of widget. You can create different types of area charts, including stack area, stack spline area, stack line, line, spline, and bar.

Charts offer tooltips with current values, as well as the ability to disable data series and to zoom in on data. They also have features you can click offering detailed widget information and editing capabilities.

Chart display limitations

  • SolarWinds Platform views can display up to 100 widgets.
  • Pie charts can display up to 100 items.
  • Area charts can display up to 10 items, with the rest of the series visible in the legend.

Chart types

Chart customization options

Data granularity shown by default

NTA Flow Storage database supports saving flow data without compression and with one-minute granularity. However, charts display data in such detail only for time periods up to five hours.

Data are summarized in the following way:

  • For time periods up to five hours, charts display data with one-minute granularity. Data are not summarized.
  • For time periods of five hours up to 48 hours, charts display data with 15-minute granularity.
  • For time periods of 48 hours up to seven days, charts display data with one-hour granularity.
  • For time periods longer than seven days, charts display data with six-hour granularity.

View flow data for longer time periods with one-minute granularity

To see flow data with one-minute granularity, set the time period displayed by the view to up to five hours, focusing on the period you are interested in most.

For more information about setting time period for views, see Edit time settings for NTA views.