Documentation forKiwi CatTools

Configure your notification options

Once you have added an activity, you can identify where notifications should be sent when a specific activity - such as updating the password on a device - runs. You can enter separate email addresses for receiving error notifications versus reports. Complete required fields and follow on-screen prompts.


  • More than one email address can be entered in the "Errors" field and the "Reports/Stats" field. Multiple email addresses must be delimited by using a comma or semi-colon to separate each address.
  • The fields required for server authentication depend on the type of authentication selected: SMTP or POP.
    • If you select SMTP AUTH, enter the mail server user name and password.
    • If you select POP authentication, enter the mail server user name, password, POP server name, and POP port.
  • At set intervals, the mailer connects to your mail server and sends messages that are in the alert queue. If your mail server is unavailable for sending alert emails, messages are saved in a queue until the server becomes available.