Documentation forKiwi CatTools

Event Email Notification

Sending an email message is the method CatTools uses to notify you of selected events. The mailer engine of CatTools provides flexible facilities for emailing reports and error notifications created by activities.

This engine normally runs asynchronously to the main CatTools task. When CatTools assembles a notification for emailing, it passes this to the mailer. Rather than sending the message immediately while CatTools waits, the mailer creates the message and puts it on a queue.

Queuing messages

CatTools continues processing the event action once the message is queued successfully. At set intervals, the mailer connects to the mail server and sends it the messages that are on the queue. Meanwhile the CatTools main task continues to function without interruption.

The queuing mechanism enables messages to remain in safety until they can be sent. If the mail server is unavailable for some reason, messages are saved on the queue until the server becomes available.

The mailer can also send messages via a secondary mail server if the primary server is unavailable.

Email server authentication

Mail server authentication is supported:

  • A username and password can be used with standard SMTP AUTH type authentication.
  • The mailer can also send the username and password to a linked POP server before sending mail to the SMTP server.

Further details are available on the Mail Pane page.