Documentation forKiwi CatTools

Device.TFTP.Upload Config

The Device.TFTP.Upload Config activity enables you to upload text config files to the specified device.

To see a full list of the currently supported device types for the Device.TFTP.Upload Config activity, please see the Device Matrix.

Setting up the activity for Device.TFTP.Upload Config

For information on setting up activities, see Add / Edit scheduled activity details.

Activity options

Configure the options specific to this activity in the Options tab.

TFTP Server Set the address of the TFTP server.
TFTP FileName Set the name of the file containing the config data. You can, optionally, use the default
Save device output to file

Save the device output from the activity to a file.

Overwrite existing capture file Overwrite or append the capture file.
Save to NVRAM Save the new config to NVRAM for non-CatOS devices.