Documentation forKiwi CatTools

Import schedules from tab delimited file

Import activities that have previously been exported from CatTools in tab delimited format.

  1. Go to File > CatTools database, and then click Import.
  2. Select Import devices from a tab delimited file.
  3. Confirm the import operation.

  4. Select the file to import from and click Open.
  5. Determine how to handle imported activities, if a duplicate is found.
    1. Update existing activity with the imported activity's data. This overwrites the current activity data with any fields that are found in the import data. Any fields that are not found in the import data are not changed in any way.
    2. Rename imported activity. A new activity is created with _imported_0 appended to the current device name. The last character is a sequential digit that is incremented when more than 1 activity with the same name is encountered.
    3. Skip imported activity. The imported device data is ignored.

  6. When the import operation is complete, a confirmation message verifies many activities were imported from the file.

    Check the Info Log for more details on any warnings or errors received after importing.

  7. Choose action for each imported activity. When a duplicate name is found, you can view the differences between the two activities and choose what action to take for that particular activity. You can also select Apply to all duplicates.