Documentation forKiwi CatTools

Filename Variables

There are a number of variables that can be used within the filename fields throughout CatTools which will help you create unique names for your backups and reports. These variables are resolved to actual values at the time the activity is started. For example: C:\CatTools V3\Captured Data\%GroupName%\%DeviceName%.DeviceOutput.%DateISO%.txt

Filename variables should not be confused with Meta Data variables.

Variable Value

Device group name as a folder name


Device specific file name


Device specific Host Address


ISO format date


Date as yyyy (year only)


Date as mm (month only)


Date as dd (day only)

%DateWW% Day of the week (values 1 through 7)

Week Day Name (e.g. Monday)


Time as hhmm (e.g. time of 13:01 will display as 1301)


Time as hh (e.g. time of 13:01 will display as 13)


Time as mm (e.g. time of 13:01 will display as 01)


File system friendly device name


File system path of the CatTools executable including a trailing "\"

It should be noted that %GroupName% and %DeviceName% are device specific variables. As such they cannot be resolved against an activity, such as a summary report file, since an activity is related to multiple devices.