Documentation forKiwi CatTools

Devices pane

The Devices pane displays the devices you have defined.

Option Description
Add Add a new device.
Remove Remove a selected device.

Edit a selected device. Existing configurations for the highlighted device are retained.

Opens the "Device Information" window with the same tags and options as the "Add" device button.


Copy a selected device.

Opens the "Device Information" window, with the same tags and options as with the "Add" device buttons, but with the existing configuration from the highlighted device shown.

You must at least change the name of the device to save this configuration as a new device.

Filter Click to filter the on-screen display of devices under the Devices tab.
Show All

The Show All button removes all filtering, so that all devices in your database are displayed.

Select All Devices

Runs an activity against all devices available without having to select them one by one. Checking this box allows you to automatically add new devices to existing activities when new devices are added.

For example, you create a backup activity for your current 15 devices, but 4 weeks later you buy new equipment and add these new devices into CatTools.

If the backup activity was setup with the Select All Devices option, new devices are automatically picked up by the activity.