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If you are having problems look here to see if there is an answer to some issues users may experience.

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Collect and send troubleshooting logs to SolarWinds Support

If requested, you can collect and send troubleshooting logs to SolarWinds Support to aid in the research and resolution of issues such as KCT application crashes or memory leaks in Windows.

When making a support ticket, include the following information when available:

  • Version of Kiwi CatTools installed and the operating system on the KCT server.
  • Screenshots of the error message and/or issue experienced.
  • Approximate Time and date of when the issue started and if Kiwi CatTools was working before the issue occurred.
  • Any changes made to the environment prior to the issue.
  • Note if the issue has been replicated or if it occurs at random.

Gather and send the following troubleshooting logs to support for further analysis:

  1. If the error appears in your Event Viewer Logs, gather a copy of the Kiwi CatTools error.
  2. Make a copy of the System Information file (NFO) from your computer.
  3. (optional) Make a copy of the Windows DXDiag logs.
  4. If available, collect memory dump files caused by Kiwi CatTools.
  5. Copy the following .txt files in the C:\Program Files (x86)\CatTools3 folder:
    • InfoLog.txt
    • SendMailLog.txt
    • ActivityLog.txt
  6. Generate a Kiwi CatTools Diagnostic log from the console. Go to File > Debug > Create diagnostics for Technical Support
  7. Submit the collected files to support when Submitting a Ticket.

Best practices

  • Provide the complete wording of the error you are receiving. The error message should be present in infolog.txt that describes the error.
  • Provide the type of device the problem is happening to. CatTools supports a number of different devices that can exhibit very different problem behaviors.
  • Do not send raw screen shots of messages or setup issues, unless there is no other way of getting the information across. Mail servers often block this data. Use the CatTools facilities from the File menu to provide textual information.
  • Send the complete infolog.txt file as a zipped attachment. Trying to copy and paste entries from the infolog into an email can produce poorly formatted emails.