Documentation forKiwi CatTools

How to upgrade Cisco IOS via TFTP

This example demonstrates how to use the Device.CLI.Send commands activity to upgrade a Cisco IOS device using TFTP.

  1. Open Kiwi CatTools.
  2. In the Activities panel, click Add.
  3. Click the Activity tab.
    1. Select Type Device.CLI.Send commands
    2. Enter a name and description, for example "Update Cisco IOS".
  4. Click the Options tab.
  5. [X] List of commands to be entered on device:
    erase flash: (erase the existing flash files and make space for the new files)
    copy tftp: flash: (IP address of remote TFTP server)
    c2500-ik8s-l.122-5.bin (source filename)
    c2500-ik8s-l.122-5.bin (destination filename)
    • erase flash: erase the existing flash files and make space for the new files
    • IP address of remote TFTP server
    • c2500-ik8s-l.122-5.bin: source filename
    • c2500-ik8s-l.122-5.bin: destination filename
  6. Select Enter commands in enable mode.
  7. Select Save device output to file. Specify the log file name.
  8. Select Overwrite existing capture file.
  9. Select Answer yes to any confirmation prompts.
  10. Select Stop on error.