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CatTools naming convention

Troubleshoot 'Number of device specific dated files to retain' option not working:

If you have set Number of device specific dated files to retain but the activity is deleting all files, it is likely due to using a custom file naming convention, rather than using the default CatTools file naming convention.

CatTools default naming convention uses, in this backup activity example, the naming convention:


However, if you are using a convention which does not place a period mark (.) at the end of the device name, such as Cisco_Router_2., CatTools may not group the files relating to the device correctly. As demonstrated below, if you are using a file naming convention such as:


CatTools is unable to group the Cisco_Router_2 files together correctly. Therefore all files are deleted.

The solution is to change the dash ( - ) in your custom naming convention to a period (.). For example: