Documentation forKiwi CatTools


The Device.Update.Banner applies a banner to your devices. CatTools passes the banner command to each selected Device in turn. The activity's success or failure is logged to the report file \Reports\Device.Update.Banner.txt. This activity supports the use of Command Variables.

The text provided either through the on screen text box or through an input file should be plain text. No delimiters or syntax command words are needed.

To see a full list of the currently supported device types for the Device.Update.Banner activity, please see the Device Matrix.

Setting up the activity for Device.Update.Banner

For information on setting up activities, see Add / Edit scheduled activity details.

Activity options

Configure the options specific to this activity in the Options tab.

Banner text

Indicates if the banner text is to be read from the text box or from a file.

Selecting this option allows for free text to be entered. Unselecting this option allows you to select a text file containing the banner text to be applied.

Or, read banner text from file

Reads banner text from the specified text file entered.

This option and "Banner text" are mutually exclusive. If you select this option, the Banner text field is deactivated, and the text is only read from the text file.

Which banner is to be supported Select which banner to apply. Not all banners are supported on all devices.
Save device output to file Save the Banner command that was used to the file specified.
Overwrite existing capture file Overwrite or append to the capture file.
Save running config to start-up config when complete Saves the banner to NVRAM start-up configuration. Some devices do not support this option.