Documentation forKiwi CatTools

DNS Resolver

The DNS Resolver resolves the IP addresses in ARP reports based on configured server settings. To set DNS resolver options:

  1. Go to Options > Setup.
  2. Select the TFTP Server tab.
  3. Select the DNS Resolver tab.

The Resolve IP addresses to Hostnames check box must be selected for the DNS Resolver to function.

  1. Select either Resolve using known DNS server(s) or Resolve by auto detection of DNS server(s).
  2. By default, internal IP address ranges are listed: 10.x.x.x , 192.168.x.x , 169.254.x.x , 172.16.x.x , 172.17.x.x , 172.18.x.x , 172.19.x.x , 172.20.x.x , 172.21.x.x , 172.22.x.x , 172.23.x.x , 172.24.x.x , 172.25.x.x , 172.26.x.x , 172.27.x.x , 172.28.x.x , 172.29.x.x , 172.30.x.x , 172.31.x.x
  3. To add more internal IP address ranges, click Add.

    You can remove added ranges by selecting the range and clicking Remove.

  4. Select the NetBIOS/DNS Server to resolve.
  5. Enter the primary and alternate DNS server IP addresses for both internal and external DNS servers.
  6. Specify the days to flush DNS cache.
  7. Specify DNS Query time out.
  8. Click Save.