Documentation forKiwi CatTools

Troubleshoot: The service is running but nothing is scheduled

There may be occasions when Kiwi CatTools appears to be running and the scheduler is on, but no activities are running.

  • A look at the infolog.txt file may show that an activity appears to be hung up and has not terminated. This may be caused by a logic loop or communications hang up where CatTools cannot detect a timeout.
    • There is a setting on the Misc tab in the CatTools Setup that might be useful in allowing CatTools to continue running productively after such an occurrence. This allows you to forcibly terminate an orphaned activity after waiting for a set number of minutes. CatTools attempts to recover and resume scheduling activities afterward. Leave this setting at 0, unless there is a problem, so you do not forcibly terminate an activity that takes a long time to run. This activity may still successfully run to conclusion.
  • Another cause of this problem may be due to a permissions issue on the DCOM component. To verify this as a cause, check your Info Log for the following message:
    Problem starting CatTools_Client instance #1. Error: 70: Permission denied