Documentation forKiwi CatTools

How to enter different commands onto each device for Device.CLI.Modify Config

If you want to configure each of the selected devices in a different way, there are two ways to achieve this:

  1. Create a separate Device.CLI.Modify Config activity for each device and set the commands to be entered in the options tab.

    This method involves having a separate scheduled activity for each device you want to modify.

  2. Create a single Device.CLI.Modify Config activity and select all the devices you want to modify.
    1. Select Or, read commands from file option.
    2. Specify the %BaseFile% value as part of the file name.
    3. Create a separate text file for each device that contains the commands you want to have entered into the config.


  1. Specify a file name: C:\CatTools\%BaseFile%.txt
  2. Select a device for the %BaseFile% variable. In this example, we use CiscoRouter1. A list of other devices and their respective base filename include:
    Device nameBase filenameConfig commands filename
    CiscoRouter1 CiscoRouter1C:\CatTools\CiscoRouter1.txt
    Sales SwitchSales_SwitchC:\CatTools\Sales_Switch.txt

    Any spaces and invalid characters are replaced by an underscore ( _ ) in the base filename.

  3. In the text file, enter a list of commands. For example, in the file C:\CatTools\CiscoRouter1.txt, enter the commands:
    Interface s 0/0 
    Description New WAN link to head office
    No shutdown
  4. You can create a text file for multiple devices. Enter different commands in each text file and then run the activity. CatTools automatically matches the correct text file with the device based on the %BaseFile% value.