Documentation forKiwi CatTools


The Device.ConnectivityTest.Login activity allows you to log in to a selection of devices. This activity is similar to Device.ConnectivityTest.Ping in that it does not change anything on the device but simply confirms connectivity plus the ability to log in.

CatTools logs in to each selected device and logs any failures to the Report file \Reports\Device.ConnectivityTest.Login.txt. The report file provides you with an historical record of the status of tested devices.

In general, the reasons for performing log in tests are similar to those for performing Ping tests, with some differences.

The log in test goes further than a simple Ping. The test confirms interactive terminal access and network operation with the device. It also confirms that device passwords have not changed. This allows you to verify that log in passwords for the device have not been altered without your knowledge or authorization, and that staff with the correct password can log in without issue.

Setting up the activity for Device.ConnectivityTest.Login

For information on setting up activities, see Add / Edit scheduled activity details.

Activity options

Configure the options specific to this activity in the Options tab.

Enter enable mode if possible If the device has Enable mode, and the appropriate passwords are configured in the device file, CatTools attempts to enter enable mode when it logs in to each Device.
Only record login failures Record of login failures. The report file is contained to a minimum size, conserving hard-drive space.