Documentation forKiwi CatTools

Meta Variables

Several Activities allow you to enter a list of commands which are issued to your selected devices. Device.CLI.Send commands, Device.CLI.Modify Config and Device.Update.Banner are examples of these activities.

Within the commands you send, you can include a number of CatTools Meta Data variables that are translated when the activity is run.

For example, in the Device.Update.Banner activity you could set the following text and apply it to all your devices:

Hello, I am %ctDeviceName. Contact %ctContactName on %ctContactPhone to gain access to me.

Available Meta Variables

Variable Value

The device name

%ctGroupName The device group name
%ctHostName The device host address
%ctModel The device model field
%ctAddress1 The device Address1 field

The device Address2 field


The device Address3 field


The device Contact name field


The device Contact phone field


The device Contact email field


Current time in HHMM format


Current date in YYYYMMDD format


Device base file name


File system path of the CatTools executable including a trailing "\"


Carriage return


Line feed

%ctTAB Tab
%ctCTRL-Z Control key & Z. Normally used to exit config mode.

The variable names are case sensitive and must be entered as shown.