Documentation forKiwi CatTools

Add a Cisco VPN device

When adding a Cisco VPN device in CatTools, SolarWinds highly recommends you first attempt setting your device up as device type Cisco.VPN. The Cisco.VPN device type is more intelligent in determining which commands it need to send to navigate the menu driven system, which the Cisco VPN devices use. By using the Cisco.VPN device type, it can handle any differences within the number systems used for accessing each menu, sub menu or menu item.

If you continue to have issues when running a configuration backup of a Cisco VPN, contact us using the Technical Support form.

Differences between Cisco VPN Versions

For reference, Cisco VPN devices normally have a menu interface that CatTools accesses by sending a string of menu item numbers that invokes the display of the config.

  • Cisco 3002 use 2.5.1 as the menu sequence.

    The device type Cisco.Older.VPN3002 uses this by default.

  • Cisco VPN IOS versions prior to 4.0 use 2.6.3 as the menu sequence.

    The device type Cisco.Other.VPN3000 uses this string by default.

  • Cisco VPN IOS 4.1, uses 2.8.3 as the menu sequence.

    The device type Cisco.V4.1.VPN3000 uses this by default.

  • The intermediate Cisco VPN IOS version 4.0 2.7.3 as the menu sequence.

    None of the other three Cisco VPN device types outlined previously supports 2.7.3.

The Cisco.VPN device type should be able to handle any of the above command variations, so always try this device type first. If the Cisco.VPN device type is not able to backup your device, try another VPN type. If none of the VPN3000 device types backup your device, use the alternate command field of the backup activity and enter 2.7.3.

If you use an alternate command, it overrides the default commands for all selected devices in the activity.