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Troubleshoot - Kiwi CatTools file name conventions

'Number of device specific dated files to retain' option is not working

You have set the Number of device specific dated files to retain option, but the activity is deleting all files.


This issue is likely due to the file naming convention you have used to replace the default CatTools file naming convention. CatTools default file naming convention uses, for example:


If you are using a convention which does not place a period at the end of the device name, such as Cisco_Router_2 in the above example, CatTools cannot group the files relating to the device correctly. For example, if you are using a file naming convention such as:


CatTools cannot group the Cisco_Router_2 files together correctly, so all files are therefore deleted.


Following the device naming conventions for Kiwi CatTools. In the above example, is to change the dash '-' in your own naming convention to a period.

Specifically, Cisco_Router_2-backup.txt must be renamed to Cisco_Router_2.backup.txt