Documentation forKiwi CatTools

Features in the free edition versus the enterprise edition of CatTools

When you initially install Kiwi CatTools, all features are available during a 14-day trial period. After the trial period ends, you can continue to use the limited, free edition without purchasing a license. Or you can enter a license key to expand features available in the licensed edition.

Comparison of free and licensed features

  Free Edition Licensed Edition
Maximum devices 1 device in database Unlimited devices in database - subject to file size limitation (2 GB)
Scheduled activities Up to 20 activities Unlimited activities - subject to file size limitations
TFTP sessions Up to 2 simultaneous sessions Up to 100 simultaneous sessions
Client threads 1 client thread Up to 30 client threads

Purchase licenses

Contact the SolarWinds sales team to purchase licenses directly from SolarWinds.

View purchased licenses

After you purchase individual licenses, you can view your SolarWinds KCT licenses in the SolarWinds Customer Portal.

  1. Access the Customer Portal.
  2. Click Licenses > Manage Licenses.

Next steps

After you have purchased licenses, you must activate them on a KCT server, and configure the devices to be monitored and configured by KCT.