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DB.UpdateDevice.Text field

The DB.UpdateDevice.Text field activity allows you to update any of the text fields in the CatTools database Device table. It does not run against your physical network devices as other Activities do, but is used to do batch processing against multiple devices within the CatTools database Device table.

For example, your network devices use a RADIUS or TACACS server for remote authentication. You have changed the username on the RADIUS/TACACS server and now need to update all of your devices within CatTools with this new information. Instead of manually updating the username for each device individually, the DB.UpdateDevice.Text field activity applies the new username to all of your connected devices at once.

Setting up the activity for DB.UpdateDevice.Text field

For information on setting up activities, see Add / Edit scheduled activity details.

Activity options

Configure the options specific to this activity in the Options tab.

Database Field(s) Select an item from the device details you wish to update in the database. Additional options can be configured based on dropdown menu selections.

The Username\Password database field option updates the AAA Username field in the CatTools database. The AAA Username database field corresponds to the Username field on the Passwords tab of the Device information/setup form. This field can be used to store AAA / TACAC / RADIUS / Local authentication or SSH usernames.

New database value Enter the value for the above selected database field.
Stop on error An error encountered at any stage of the processing the activity immediately quits the job and returns control to CatTools.