Documentation forKiwi CatTools

Import devices from tab delimited file

Import devices from a tab delimited file. The current database is backed up before the import operation occurs.

  1. Go to File > CatTools database, and then click Import.
  2. Select Import devices from a tab delimited file.
  3. Confirm the import operation.

  4. Select the file to import from and click Open.

    By default, the file mask is set to "Export_Device.txt".

  5. Determine how to handle imported devices when a duplicate is found:

    The import process always adds a new device.

    1. Update existing device with the imported device's data. This overwrites the current device data with any fields that are found in the import data. Any fields that are not found in the import data are not changed in any way.
    2. Rename imported device. A new device is created with _imported_0 appended to the current device name. The last character is a sequential digit that is incremented when more than 1 devices with the same name are encountered.
    3. Skip imported device. The imported device data is ignored.

  6. Choose action for each imported device. When a duplicate name is found, the following dialogue is displayed:

    You can view the differences between the two devices and choose what action to take for that particular device. You can also select Apply to all duplicates.

  7. When the import operation is complete, a confirmation message verifies many devices were imported from the file.

    Check the Info Log for more details on any warnings or errors received after importing.

Device import file format

The file must start with a header row that defines the fields. The rows following the header are treated as data.

The fields can be in any order, but must follow the same naming convention as the CatTools Export devices to tab delimited file function. At a minimum, the file must contain the following 3 fields:

  • Type

    The CatTools device type.

  • Name

    A unique name for the device.

  • HostAddress

    The IP address or hostname for the device.

There are additional device fields available to define:

Type Group Name HostAddress

Unique filename for device, no path or file extension required.

If not specified, CatTools derives from the Name field.

Model ConnectVia Telnet
Session VTYPass ConsolePass EnablePass
PrivilegeLevel AAAUsername AAAPassword SSH Username
SSH Password SNMPRead SNMPWrite RequireVTYLogin
LoginUsesAAA EnableUsesAAA VTYPrompt ConsolePrompt
EnablePrompt AAAUserPrompt AAAPassPrompt Address1
Address2 Address3 ContactName ContactPhone
ContactEmail ContactOther AlertEmail SerialNumber
AssetTag Identification SerialOther ActivitySpecific1

To create a template which includes all the required fields you need to use, add a few example devices to CatTools first, and then export to a tab delimited file.

Plain text values found in fields that are normally encrypted within the database, such as HostAddress, VTYPass, EnablePass SNMPRead, are automatically be encrypted as part of the import process.