Documentation forKiwi CatTools

Backup current database

\KDB Backups is a standard folder created under the "CatTools" folder at installation. To backup your database files to the \KDB Backups sub folder:

  1. Go to File > CatTools database.
  2. Select Backup current database.
  3. A dialog will prompt you to generate an encryption password for the database backup. Create a password and click OK.
  4. It is critical to remember the password you create. Without the password, your data will be lost and cannot be retrieved.

The .kdb files are not over-written or appended. Each new save creates a new file, and the file name is incremented using a numeric progression for example "Backup-1", "Backup-2", "Backup-3", and so on.

Up to nine backup events are created. Each time a backup is done, Backup 1 moves to Backup 2, and Backup 2 moves to Backup 3, and the series continues. The oldest backup event - Backup 9 - is dropped and deleted.