Documentation forKiwi CatTools


The Device.InterDevice.Ping activity allows you to ping a list of hosts from the selected devices. CatTools logs into each device in turn and performs a ping test to each device listed. Alternatively, it will ping all other devices that have been selected. There are two options available for which devices are pinged:

  1. Enter a list of host names and IP Addresses in the "Ping a list of Hosts" field, under the Options tab. CatTools logs in to each selected device and pings each listed host in turn.
  2. Check Or, ping all other selected devices under the Options tab. CatTools starts with the first selected device and pings all other devices in turn. The activity then moves to the second device and pings all others in turn, and so on until all selected Devices have sent ping requests to all other selected devices. This test ensures that you have full connectivity from each device to all other devices.

CatTools creates a report in the form of a table, listing each device and the results of each ping originated by that device. Under the Options tab, you can also check the option to have CatTools report only on failed ping requests. This keeps the report as small as possible and draws attention only to fault conditions.

By default the Activity appends reporting information to the file \Reports\Device.InterDevice.Ping.txt. This report provides forensic data in the event of a service provider outage or other event that affects your network.

Hostname and IP address

The hostname and IP address information can be entered in two formats:

  1. If you do not know the hostname, enter the IP address instead. Each IP address must be entered on a new line, marked by a carriage return or enter.
  2. If you know the hostname, enter both hostname and IP address. The hostname and IP address must use a comma and space to separate them, with each listed on a new line.

The hostname is used in the report, in a dedicated column. For example:

Main Server,

Sales router,


Setting up the activity for Device.InterDevice.Ping

For information on setting up activities, see Add / Edit scheduled activity details.

Activity options

Configure the options specific to this activity in the Options tab.

Ping a list of hosts (Display name, IP address) A list of host names and IP addresses.
Or, ping all other selected devices

Disable the "Ping a list of hosts" field.

This option and "Ping a list of hosts" are mutually exclusive. If you select this option, the Ping a list of hosts field is deactivated, and all selected devices under the activity are pinged.

Only record ping failures Record of ping failures. The report file is contained to a minimum size, conserving hard-drive space.