Documentation forKiwi CatTools

Change encryption password

CatTools employs industry standard AES encryption to ensure that the contents of your device fields are protected from prying eyes. As an additional security measure, you can require a password when CatTools is run, further limiting unauthorized access to the program.

The password is used to encrypt the device fields. If you forget the password, you can not use the program and cannot access the device data.

When encrypted, the Application and Manager prompts for the password on startup. The Service then opens the database and runs, regardless of whether a password is set or not.

  • Resetting the password back to a blank value stops the program from prompting you for a password.
  • Even with no password set, the device database is still securely encrypted.

Changing the password

To change your encryption password:

  1. Go to File > CatTools database, and select Change encryption password.
  2. To change the password, you must enter your existing password, if one has been set.

  3. To reset the password to null, use a blank value for the New password key and Confirm new password key fields.