Documentation forKiwi CatTools

Configure ASA dap.xml file backup

The Dynamic Access Policies (DAP) configuration of ASA v8.0 is stored in a file called dap.xml on the flash memory. It is not stored as part of the running config file or startup config file. A normal CatTools backup activity does not backup this file.

To backup this file with CatTools

To backup this file with CatTools, you will need to create a second activity using trivial file transfer protocols (TFTP) to transfer the file off your device.

  1. Enable the Device.Backup.Running Config activity. A green check mark will appear inside the check box when it is enabled.

  2. Edit the Device.CLI.Send commands activity and click on Options. Insert the following commands and click OK.

  3. copy disk0:/dap.xml tftp://tftpserver-name/dap.xml
    This will automate a manual command to backup the dap.xml file.
  4. Run both activities to complete the backup.