Documentation forKiwi CatTools

Filter devices in the Kiwi CatTools database

To filter the on-screen display of devices under the Devices tab, click Filter (F3). This opens the "Database filter" window.

  1. Use the Include and Exclude fields to either include or exclude specific device types, names, or other properties as shown in the following fields.
  2. Determine the different sets of devices to be included or excluded from the filtered device display based on the device's group, name, host name, type, model or location.
  3. Specify which part of the Group or Name the filter operates on:
    • Contains

      Any part of the name may contain the specified string.

    • Starts With

      The start of the name matches the specified string.

    • Ends With

      The end of the name matches the specified string.

  4. Enter the specific string that you want the filter to match against the device name, or group, etc.
  5. (Optional) Select AND / OR Boolean operators to combine filters. The third option, Top Only, displays only the top-most device that satisfies the criteria entered in the first line of filter options.
  6. Create a second filter to combine with the first using Boolean operators.
  7. Use the "Favorite filters" box to save your filter for later use.