Documentation forKiwi CatTools

Troubleshoot - Reporting problems

When reporting a problem with CatTools to the SolarWinds technical support team, ensure you provide as many details as possible. Doing so allows our support team to better review and troubleshoot your inquiry.

Best practices

  • Provide the complete wording of the error you are receiving. The error message should be present in infolog.txt that describes the error.
  • Provide the type of device the problem is happening to. CatTools supports a number of different devices that can exhibit very different problem behaviors.
  • Include the approximate time the problem occurred.
  • Do not send raw screen shots of messages or setup issues, unless there is no other way of getting the information across. Mail servers often block this data. Use the CatTools facilities from the File menu to provide textual information.
  • Send the complete infolog.txt file as a zipped attachment. Trying to copy and paste entries from the infolog into an email can produce poorly formatted emails.