Documentation forKiwi CatTools

Device Variations GUI

Although you can manually create a variations file in Notepad, the variations GUI helps to automate this process. If the device script supports variations then the Variations tab will be available on the Device Information panel. See Device Variations for more information on the individual variations.


To open the Variations GUI, click Use Variations on this tab. The Variations GUI opens, defaulting to the Help tab.


The tabs on the GUI show any variations currently being used. If a field shows a grayed out value, this is the value that the underlying script is currently using. To select a variation, select the check-box and enter the variations value.


When your cursor is placed in a text-box field, the Current field help panel in the left pane is populated with additional helpful information about that field.

Saving a device variation

After selecting and entering values for the fields you want to override, click the Save button. The variations file is created and saved to the variations folder for that device.

Applying a device variation to a group of devices

Click the Group Save button to apply the variations to all devices of the same device type as the current device and that belong to the same group as the current device.

Removing variations

To remove all variations you can delete the variations file from the variations folder or sub folder. You can also remove all the variations in the variations GUI, and save or save the group as appropriate.