Documentation forKiwi CatTools

General email notification options

To configure general notification email options:

  1. Go to Options > Setup.
  2. Select the E-mail tab.
  3. Select Email General Options.

Send To

The e-mail address you want CatTools to send error notifications.

More than one e-mail address can be specified by using a comma (,) or a semi colon (;) to delimit the addresses. For example:,,


All the errors that occur during a scheduled activity are collected and sent as a single error alert. The error notification tells you what error occurred and on which devices.

You can optionally restrict sending error notifications to when you are running in timer mode.


The e-mail address you want CatTools to send reports and statistics. Most scheduled activities produce a report or statistics table of some kind.

You can optionally restrict sending error notifications to when you are running in timer mode.

From Address

Enter the "From Address" you want to appear in e-mail notifications from CatTools. This makes it easy for you to manage incoming e-mail notifications at your e-mail client, particularly SPAM filters.

SolarWinds recommends that you use a fully qualified real e-mail address. Some SMTP servers only send e-mail on behalf of addresses in their domain. For example, if your mail domain is, use a from e-mail address of "" rather than just "CatTools".

Logging Options

Select whether to keep a log of email activity through CatTools. The log normally contains informational and error level messages. You can also view the email log, and to delete the email log.

Optionally, you can set the logging message level to verbose. This is useful when there is a problem with email that requires you to see the complete email message traffic with your email server. It is not recommended that you enable this option, except as needed, due to the volume of data recorded.

Email intervals

Send Interval

You can set the email sending interval. This controls the seconds the mailer waits before sending a batch of email messages. A value of 20 means the mailer wakes up every 20 seconds to see if there is any messages to send.

Messages / Interval

This option sets the number of email messages the mailer sends to the mail server during one sending session. This allows you to control the amount of email traffic to your email server if you require it.

Send Retries

This option set the number of times the mailer will attempt to send an email that may have errors before it flags the message as not deliverable.

Test Email

Test the current e-mail settings against both mail servers. Email messages to the Errors and Reports/Stats addresses previously entered are sent.