Documentation forKiwi CatTools

Report.MAC address table

The Report.MAC address table activity gathers MAC address entries (CAM table entries) from switches and bridging routers and can builds a table over time. The default location of this file is \Reports\Master MAC address table.txt.

By default, this activity may issue more than one command depending on the device type. In these cases, not every command issued is valid for every device selected. This does not cause problems or errors. CatTools gathers information from every command that succeeds and ignores any command that does not produce a valid result.

Optionally, you to use an alternate command and to set the expiry date of MAC entries in the report. Entering an alternate command to use overrides all default commands.

Setting up the activity for Report.MAC address table

For information on setting up activities, see Add / Edit scheduled activity details.

Activity options

Configure the options specific to this activity in the Options tab.

Use alternate command

Set an alternate command if the default command issued by CatTools does not produce the correct results.

This may be useful if you have some devices not yet supported in the CatTools default device list.

Days until entries expire

Activates associated numeric field. Enter the number of days you want entries to remain in the table.

Each time the activity runs, the existing MAC address table entries that are older than the expiration period are removed. This keeps the table to a workable size.