Documentation forKiwi CatTools

Kiwi CatTools API

The Kiwi CatTools API is an included tool you can use to directly read from and write to the CatTools database. The API performs the same functions as Add, Remove, and Edit in the CatTools UI.

The CatTools API is only available in the Licensed edition of CatTools.

If you create an application or code that uses the CatTools API, then you can only run this on the system where CatTools has been installed. The application must read the CatTools license details in order to work.

  • The API is limited to database connectivity and accessing of the device and device related data.
  • There are no activity related public classes available within the API to modify activities.
  • The API is accessed using various Classes which are explained in this section.
  • The API includes sample code you can customize to help you get started.