Documentation forKiwi CatTools

Kiwi CatTools API Limitations

There are several limitations to be aware of when working in the Kiwi CatTools API.

  1. The API is only available with the licensed edition of CatTools. It is not available with the Freeware edition.
  2. The API is a part of CatTools and must be installed on the same computer as CatTools. For example, you can not take the .dll and use it from another computer to access CatTools on a remote computer.
  3. The API is limited to database connectivity and accessing of the device and device related data. There are currently no activity-related public classes available within the API to manage activities.
  4. The API is directly modifying the device data within the CatTools database, such as the underlying device values used within an activity. The API always recommends that the CatTools scheduler timer is stopped within the CatTools UI and that no activity is currently running before the API code or script is executed. Failing to do so may result in undesirable results.
  5. You cannot start or stop the CatTools scheduler timer if it has not been exposed in the API.