Documentation forKiwi CatTools

How to get started with Kiwi CatTools

The purpose of this guide is to help you configure Kiwi CatTools for network device management and familiarize yourself with the most commonly used features of Kiwi CatTools. It is intended for SolarWinds customers who have recently purchased, or want to purchase, Kiwi CatTools for the first time.

Who should use this guide?

New CatTools Users Existing CatTools Users

This guide continues from the Kiwi CatTools installation and takes you through the setup wizard to begin managing your network devices.

If you are looking for information on upgrading to the newest version of Kiwi CatTools, see the Kiwi CatTools Upgrade Guide.

Additionally, if you are looking for advanced information about the features of Kiwi CatTools, see the Kiwi CatTools Administrator Guide.

To evaluate Kiwi CatTools, you can download the product and use fully-functional for 14 days. For assistance with your evaluation or purchasing a production license, contact

Checklist to get started with Kiwi CatTools

Install Kiwi CatTools
If you have not installed CatTools yet, see the Kiwi CatTools Installation Guide for system requirements, planning checklists, troubleshooting, and installation instructions.

Set up Kiwi CatTools
Using the Setup Wizard, add network devices, configure your activities, and determine where to receive alert email notifications.

Explore the Kiwi CatTools Interface
Understand the Kiwi CatTools dashboard used to further customize your product.

Beyond getting started with CatTools
Learn about additional resources available as you expand your use of Kiwi CatTools.